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Online Quizzzing - direct on your laptop

23 Apr 2020

Online Quizzzing - direct on your laptop
-- President Ramaphosa Nation Address --
We aim to host our quiz at 19:30 on 23 April. In the event The President addresses the nation before 19:30, we will postpone the start of our quiz (up until 20:00)

Should we have started quiz at 19:30, and during our quiz the President addresses the nation, we will immediately stop our proceedings for the evening. The winners will be determined at the standings at the point of stopping the event.

Winners will be announced via our facebook page and website


We have been working nonstop with web developers to create our unique quiz answering platform!

The quiz master will ask you the questions live, and you will be able to answer them in our online answer sheet.
Submissions are timed, and all will be explained to you by the quiz master before we start.

In time and with enough interest, we are hoping to get an online quiz league going. However in order to do so, we need to etst the functionality of our paltform and capabilities of our website and new server. We hope you can join and assist us - entrance to this weeks event is free!