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Quiz Nights and Covid-19

22 Oct 2020

Quiz Nights and Covid-19
Dear quizzers
We are thrilled to be able to host quiz nights back at many of our venues, and we have had some great turnouts. Not all of our venues are running quiz as yet (and sadly some did not survive the lockdown). However we are continually working hard to get venues back on track and we thank you for your patience.
We have two methods for teams to answer quiz :
  • Some quiz venues operate via our new mobile phone answering system
  • Other venues prefer the traditional answer sheet method
(venue will use one or the other method – not combine them)
It is important however that we remember that we are not out of the woods just yet. Coronavirus is still very much a part of our everyday life and we should not let our guard down. Whilst the country is at a low alert level, the virus is still very much with us. We therefore ask that everyone please follow all safety procedures and venue protocols when attending our quiz nights. If you are feeling unwell, we ask that you do not attend quiz (even though we will miss your intellectual genius – we can always quiz together the following week).
By working together, we can still entertain you at quiz nights whilst doing so in a safe environment.
For more info on our Event Conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic, please click here.
✅ For more information on Coronavirus in South Africa, visit www.gov.za/Coronavirus
✅Please follow all Covid-19 safety procedures, venue protocols and register with the venue when arriving
✅Remember to sanitize
✅Respect others and be kind 🙂
✅By participating in our quiz events, you agree to our Event Conditions. These can be found at www.quiznights.co.za