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Virtual Team Building

17 Nov 2020

Virtual Team Building
Online quizzes are proving incredibly popular and have been a great way to bring friends and colleagues together and participate in a fun and competitive manner online.
We can assist with standard general knowledge quizzes right through to specialized quizzes (music, industry specific and even quiz competitions).
We can also include ice breakers and puzzle solvers (Incl code breakers) in your Virtual Event!

Online Team Building is hosted on Zoom, MS Teams as well as other platforms.

Your event will include :
  • Professional quiz master via online streaming
  • We use zoom as our streaming platform
  • The quiz would last 60 - 90 minutes (depending on how many questions you want)
  • Back end technician to assist with set up and maintenance (we use Zoom as out preferred video communications platform)
  • Technician on back up generator in case of any power disruption
  • Administration of answers and calibrating each round to see who the winners are
  • The teams would be broken up into groups, and a team captain would be assigned
  • Teams can chat amongst themselves via whatsapp groups (or we can assist with putting the teams into break out rooms)
  • Once the team has decided on the answer, only the team captain would submit the answer online to us via Google Forms
  • These answers are captured on the back end by administrators
  • At the end of the quiz, administration would tally up the scores and announce the winners

We also host Music Bingo and Puzzle/Code Breakers mysteries online. 

For more info, email info@pubquiz.co.uk